‘The Arsonist's Tale’ 2017 A5 24 pages. Limited edition of 20. 2-colour Risograph. Unique fragment. £15

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‘Les Chants de Chance’
2014. A5 32 pages. The narrative develops Comte de Lautreamont’s famous ’chance meeting on a dissection table...’ which is as good as enshrined as surrealist doctrine. Max Ernst defined the structure as: ‘a linking of two realities that by all appearances have nothing to link them, in a setting that by all appearances does not fit them’ . My book returns these disparate objects (and realities) to one another. The book uses excerpts from Comte de Lautreamont’s ‘Les Chants de Maldoror’. Click here to read the book online.

‘View from a hillside’
2014. A5 Hardback 42 pages. Click here to read the book online

‘Divers Ruins’
2014. A5 48 pages. The book shows images of twenty-six ruins alongside twenty-six stains, scratches and foxed pages. The printed version is also available as a digital print version with a unique cover paper - overprinted on various foxed pages. (The cover shown is a typical example) Please use the contact page if you want to purchase one of these versions. Click here to read the book online.

‘Theory of Forms’
2014. A4. 24 pages. Click here to read the book online