Adaptation Transition Gallery, 3-25 June 2016

For Adaptation Gerbrand Burger, Jackie Chettur, and Matthew Richardson explore the indeterminate time, place and space of literary fiction and how it is adapted. The artists make use of the gaps that are inherent in how and why a story is read, imagined and made visible. The narratives distilled in this exhibition are re-formed by deliberate acts of selection, deletion and creation.

Matthew Richardson shows versions of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe and J.G. Ballard’s Concrete Island (1974). In an attempt to construct and survive in these fictional landscapes, he has found and used flotsam and jetsam and tools and technologies from both the physical world and the internet. Images of otherwise mundane objects - a tyre, some potatoes, a cigarette lighter and a few sticks of wood - slowly render the landscape of ‘the Island’ in both Ballard’s twentieth century and Defoe’s eighteenth century novels. Matthew places the viewer, as main protagonist in a new Balladian landscape, that of Google Street View, while Defoe’s story is seen through fragmented images, in what appear to be the few surviving magic lantern slides of a once complete story. Transition Website

ballardwebPasted Graphictransition2

Link to film on Vimeo ‘Am I The Island’ 2016. Still from 5 minute experimental film developed from JG Ballard’s novel ‘Concrete Island’.