I did not anticipate this...
'Nostalgia is a force that can unite time and memory. It is a subliminal state where we are held in two states simultaneously, for nostalgia to exist we have to recognise something that is lost, something that is past while we view something in the present'. Anthony Shapland

This project (funded by a NAN Bursary) was a collaboration with Jackie Chettur, Richard Bevan and Rebecca Spooner, curated by Anthony Shapland. A new piece of writing was commissioned from writer Sian Melangell Dafydd. The premise for the project was the recognition of strong connections between our working practices. One connection was a preoccupation with time, in its broadest sense, and through that connection, a link to something that might be ‘nostalgic’ and ‘romantic’. Confronting these problematic terms head on, there was a common desire to explore intuitive, ephemeral, and emotional aspects through a shared fiction. Siân Melangell Dafydd spun a surreal and sensitive narrative from postcards found in the arcades of Paris. Each of us were given a postcard as a beginning. These images are my fragments from the story yet to be told.