‘Half Belief’ Howard Gardens Gallery, UWIC, Cardiff
In this series, I changed the purpose (and metaphor) of plinths, supports and ‘stages’ to transform, or at least interrupt, a commonplace reading of certain found objects. Many of the pieces refer indirectly to structures and struggles of cultural power, control or influence.

bed and elephant2
‘Might’, twigs, logs, model elephant (in background) exhibited as part of ’Surface’, Oriel Davies, 12 August 2006 - 30 September 2006 Link

‘Half Belief’ Tied sticks, bird’s nest, branch, spade handle, toothbrush, bees nest, cattle suckler, enamel letter, erasers, hand brush

‘Hutch, Half-Open’ Found chicken coup, chipboard, wood, paint, jam jars.

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‘Stick no Bills’’ Hat pins, map pins, drawing pins, photograph, painted strawboard.

Stills from ‘Empires Collapse’, a sort of slow turn ‘animatic’ using 80 x single 35mm slides projected in a continuous loop.

‘Balance of Play’

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‘Balance of Play’


’Twin Sunflowers’ Two identical folded copies of the Guardian newspaper, one exposed to the elements for a month, the other not. Van Gogh produced lots of sunflower paintings, and many were further versions, repetitions and replicas of previous studies. These versions and replicas remain much debated among Van Gogh scholars.

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‘Synchronisation sur, Synchronisant’ 2004 Found and united broken metal objects