Matthew Richardson


Vimeo: Matthew Richardson Twitter: @MatthewRubble Instagram: matthewrubble

Bricolage: finding, mending, sifting, sorting, combining, tinkering I explore how objects and images are significant through changes in context. I am interested in alternative histories, social myths and half-hidden stories and the relationship between fact and fiction (and what might occupy the space between). My practice and research derive from exploring found imagery, objects and historic and fictional moments. My work is often explored across forms - object-book-print-film in sets or sequences, which fall towards a ‘narrative’ reading. Matthew’s work engages with staging and artifice, the future possibilities of objects and images alongside the potential histories that they carry. The work rests on the edge of possibility. It also deals with nostalgia, but without the melancholic edge, rather it is a re-invention or re-invigoration. The work functions as a graphic depiction of imaginative projection; reality is a malleable and flexible thing. Anthony Shapland, g39, Cardiff